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Jisho Matsumoto


Jisho tried various meditation techniques, healing practices, therapies and other methods in the past in order to resolve anxiety in general. At one point, he realized that his anxiety stemmed from fear of death and not knowing what would happen after death.  He then began searching for Truth and satori. Although he had certain experiences and insights through his previous practices, they only satisfied him temporarily and he was returned to searching for Truth.


After exhausting everything he could think of, one day Jisho encountered a book by Gien Inoue Roshi, one of the most prominent Zen masters in modern Japan. Gien Roshi was the teacher of Sekkei Harada Roshi, abbot of Hosshin-ji. Jisho could see that Gien's teaching would put an end to his quest, and became a disciple of Kando Inoue, Gien's son and disciple.  Jisho discussed with Kando tirelessly until Jisho mastered zazen--how to sit correctly.

He sat whenever and wherever possible until one night, with "click" (noise made by a clock), "what is already clear (Truth)" was revealed.  Kando Roshi confirmed Jisho's kensho (revelation of Truth), and Jisho began teaching.

In his teachings, Jisho aims to support his students so that they become able to sit correctly as quickly and efficiently as possible.  He states: "once one learns to sit correctly, all one has to do is continue sitting. Truth will be revealed for anyone as long as one sits."

Jisho often says: "I am now able to tell you about Zen (Truth) because Truth was revealed for me.  It's only that Truth was revealed to me before you. So my role is like a guide who tells you 'if you do this, Truth will be revealed,' and 'if you do that, it will not be revealed.'"




(All dates and times are Japan time. We find this time converter site easy to use.)

  • [March 21] April Zazenkai with Jisho-san: 
    April 20 (Th) 8:00am (April 19 in N/S America)
    April 23 (Sun) 18:00

  • [March 6] We're on YouTube!

  • [Jan 19] New weekly zazenkai: 
    Every Wed night! More info here. 

  • [Jan 19] Upcoming zazenkai with Jisho-san:

      Jan 26, 9:00am 

      Feb 5, 18:00

      Feb 23, 9:00am

      Mar 19, 18:00 (March 12th cancelled)

      Mar 27, 8:00am

      Reservations can be made here. 


Introductory Video

Take a look at this video for a good introduction to Zen and Zen practice. 



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