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What is Zen? What is satori? How does one do zazen (sitting Zen)? Why are people so confused about what is real? Jisho Matsumoto addresses these questions in our first video!

This is our first video, and we will put more up slowly, as we improve our video making and editing skills :)

While you could skip to the topic you're most interested in, we recommend starting from the beginning, since the Zen that Jisho-san points out is different from what the vast majority of Zen teachers say Zen is. Can you tell the difference?

00:00 Greetings/Overview

02:28 What is Zen

38:37 How to do zazen (sitting Zen)

59:01 Why people do not know what Truth is

1:10:00 What is satori

1:24:37 Why zazen enables satori to happen

1:26:21 Feel free to attend our online zazenkai if you have questions

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(All dates and times are Japan time. We find this time converter site easy to use.)

  • [March 21] April Zazenkai with Jisho-san: 
    April 20 (Th) 8:00am (April 19 in N/S America)
    April 23 (Sun) 18:00

  • [March 6] We're on YouTube!

  • [Jan 19] New weekly zazenkai: 
    Every Wed night! More info here. 

  • [Jan 19] Upcoming zazenkai with Jisho-san:

      Jan 26, 9:00am 

      Feb 5, 18:00

      Feb 23, 9:00am

      Mar 19, 18:00 (March 12th cancelled)

      Mar 27, 8:00am

      Reservations can be made here. 


Introductory Video

Take a look at this video for a good introduction to Zen and Zen practice. 



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