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​​Online Zazenkai (group sitting)


We hold 2 kinds of zazenkai. Zazekai with Jisho-san twice a month, and weekly zazenkai. 


Zazenkai with Jisho-san includes thorough instruction and Q&A. Whether you are new to Zen or have been doing zazen for years, Jisho-san will provide you with the guidance you need.


Weekly zazenkai are organized by Madoka and are simply an opportunity to sit with others online. If you are new, Madoka will provide basic instructions. Participation is free.

1. Zazenkai with Jisho-san

All zazenkai with Jisho-san include teisho (explanation and instruction), Q&A, zazen (sitting), and walking. Dokusan (brief one-on-one Q&A) is also possible.

Jisho instructs in Japanese, and Madoka translates between English and Japanese during lectures and Q&A. She has studied with Jisho for several years and is a reliable interpreter.

  • Satori (enlightenment) is possible if you learn to do zazen correctly. Once you know what zazen really is, you can sit on your own anywhere.

  • To enable you to do your Zen practice on your own, our explanations are concrete and straightforward. We welcome questions and provide sincere guidance. 

  • We allocate time for questions because a degree of understanding helps you to sit without doubting your practice.

  • Brief one-on-one questions (called "dokusan") are also possible if you prefer to ask your questions privately. If you would like longer private instruction, that can be scheduled for a separate time. 

  • An approximate timetable of our zazenkai is below. The schedule may change depending on participants and how many questions there are.

  • Beginners are welcome. Long-term practitioners will also benefit greatly from Jisho-san's instruction.

  • Our instruction aims to enable you to sit in zazen on your own. 

Dates and times of upcoming zazenkai with Jisho-san

(Dates and times are Japan standard time-JST)  

(To check your time zone:

Feb 5  (Sun) 18:00-22:00 

Feb 23 (Thurs) 9:00am (N/S America Feb 26 (Sun))

March 19 (Sun) 18:00-22:00 

March 27 (Mon) 8:00am (N/S America March 26 (Sun))

Zazen Timetable

  • Open Zoom meeting (10 minutes prior to start)

  • Lecture on Zen, truth, satori (enlightenment), Q&A (60 min)

  • Zazen (sitting Zen) (30 min)

  • Kinhin (walking Zen) (5 min) 

  • Break (5 min)

  • Q&A (30 min)

  • Zazen (30 min)

  • Kinhin (5 min)

  • Break (5 min)

  • Zazen (30 min)

  • Q&A (20 min)

Participation Fee

4,000 yen (approx $39 US)

If you are unable to afford this, let us know and we will adjust accordingly. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

2. Weekly Zazenkai 

If you'd like to sit with others, Madoka does online zazenkai most Wednesday nights 21:00-22:00 Japan time. Madoka can provide basic instruction if needed. Participation is free. Please make a reservation to receive the Zoom link.


Please use the reservation system on the Reservations page.

Zazenkai in Japanese

Jisho has regular zazenkai in Japanese every weekend.

See his Japanese site, Muishinso, for details. 




(All dates and times are Japan time. We find this time converter site easy to use.)

  • Upcoming Zazenkai with Jisho-san: 
    April 23 (Sun) 18:00
    May 15 (Mon) 8:00am (Sun, May 14 in N/S America)
    May 28 (Sun) 18:00
    June 12 (Mon) 8:00am (Sun June 11 in America N/S)
    June 18 (Sun) 18:00
    July 10 (Mon) 8:00am (Sun June 9 in N/S America)
    July 23 (Sun) 18:00

  • [March 6] We're on YouTube!

  • [Jan 19] New weekly zazenkai: 
    Every Wed night! More info here. 

      Reservations can be made here. 

  • Please reserve early. Reservations close 24 hours prior to the start of zazenkai.

  • Reservations for online zazenkai twice a month and private sessions. Feel free to contact us with questions too.


Introductory Video

Take a look at this video for a good introduction to Zen and Zen practice. 



  • ​Please do not use, reproduce, modify, and/or divert any content of this website.

  • Please understand that it may take a few days to respond to your inquiries, requests or comments. 

  • ​Please be timely in making reservations or cancellations.

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