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The information below is provided in accordance with the Japanese “Specified Commercial Transactions Act.” This law aims to protect consumers residing in Japan from fraudulent businesses and to enable them to use online stores and payment systems with peace of mind.



Zen Online 鬼塚 チェイス 円

(Zen Online Madoka Chase Onizuka)

■責任者(Person Responsible) 

鬼塚 チェイス 円

(Madoka Chase Onizuka) 



(Disclosed upon request)


080-5689-3579 (受付時間10:00-18:00 土日祝を除く)


(We are not always available to answer the phone. If you are in a hurry, please contact us via email or the contact form on our website.)


Zen Online (formerly Simply Zen)



■事業内容(Services provided)


(Online zazenkai and private instruction in English)



(Posted on the website for each zazenkai/session)

​■お支払方法(Payment methods)

各種クレジットカード、PayPal(Credit card; PayPal)

■代金の支払い時期(Payment Timing)


(Zazenkai: Upon reservation. Private sessions: After session)

■サービス提供の時期(Timing of service)


(In accordance with the reservations made by participants.)


  • 坐禅会予約のキャンセル: 予約された坐禅会の開催前までに予約システムを使用し、キャンセル手続きをお願いいたします。

  • 個人セッションのキャンセルの場合は、メールかサイトにあるコンタクト・フォームを利用してご連絡くださればキャンセルできます。

  • 返金は、PayPalとクレジットカード会社によって対応が異なりますので、詳細はご利用された会社にお問い合わせください。坐禅会が開始した後のキャンセルは返金ができませんので、予めご了承ください。

  • 返金の際、手数料が発生する場合は、クライアントのご負担になりますのでご了承ください。

(Reservations for zazenkai can be cancelled prior to start via the reservation system. Private sessions can be cancelled by e-mail or the online contact form. Refunds for cancelled zazenkai depend on the policies of the client’s credit card company or PayPal and need to be confirmed by the client.)




(All dates and times are Japan time. We find this time converter site easy to use.)

  • May-July Zazenkai with Matsumoto-san
    May 13, 2024 (Mon) 8:00-noon (N/S America is Sunday, March 31)
    May 26, 2024  (Sun) 18:00-22:00
    June 10, 2024 (Mon) 8:00-noon (N/S America is Sunday, March 31)
    June 23, 2024  (Sun) 18:00-22:00
    July 8, 2024 (Mon) 8:00-noon (N/S America is Sunday, March 31)
    July 21, 2024  (Sun) 18:00-22:00

       Click here for reservations

  • Weekly sitting (1 hour) with Madoka on Wednesday nights, 21:00-22:00. Reservations can be made here 

  • Please reserve early. Reservations close 24 hours prior to the start of zazenkai.

  • Reservations for online zazenkai twice a month and private sessions. Feel free to contact us with questions too.




  • ​Please do not use, reproduce, modify, and/or divert any content of this website.

  • Please understand that it may take a few days to respond to your inquiries, requests or comments. 

  • ​Please be timely in making reservations or cancellations.

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