What’s really happening

Someone says to you, “you’re so unattractive.” The fact is, after hearing the words, “you’re so unattractive,” the words no longer exist. This means they are not a problem.

Cognitive functions make it feel like they are a problem. If cognition creates the understanding that, “they said I was unattractive,” it feels as if a condition of having been told that one is unattractive actually exists. But no matter where one looks, no such fact exists. To try to do something about it is trying to handle something that does not exist.

It’s the same with words one might say to oneself. One might think, “no one loves me.” Or, “I am not worthy.” But these are thoughts, and thoughts have no fixed substance. In reality, an “unloveable me” does not exist. It is the illusion that something that does not exist, exists.

Thinking is just the way it is as thinking. Any previous thought has disappeared, and there is only the current thought. This is the way it is.




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